Thanks for the coaching engagement we have just completed. I appreciate the mentorship and the added insight into my business. I believe our interaction has given me the additional perspectives on a number of complex topics in the areas of staffing, coaching and development and staff work that have allowed me to become smarter and more productive.The various books you referenced were all quite useful and added to my knowledge and thought process. Thanks again and good luck to you. — Lou McElwain, VP, Cisco Systems

Ken Estridge & Associates provides business coaching and executive coaching to a wide variety of executives at different levels in the organization and to organizations of different sizes. His work has included coaching senior executives in over twenty-five Fortune 500 companies, and CEO’s of private equity owned firms and owners/CEO’s of privately held companies of all sizes from $5 million to over a billion dollars in sales. Ken has also worked on On-Boarding Newly Hired Executives who have been promoted from within the organization and with those who have been brought in from outside the company.

Ken helps executives work on a full range of leadership capabilities/behaviors including: Accountability, Building Relationships, Building Team Morale, Building High Performance Teams, Business Results/Execution, Career Advancement, Collaboration/Teamwork, Communication Skills, Delegation/Empowering Others, Developing/Coaching Employees, Emotional Intelligence, Executive Presence, Influencing Others, Interpersonal Skills, Leading/Driving Change, Leading Effective Meetings, Leadership Development, Listening Skills and Strategic Thinking.

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