Two Quick Tips For Improving Your Executive Presence

Body Language

Appearance and body language matter more than what you say and how you say it. Studies of communication and human influence reveal that 55% of your influence is based on appearance and body language.  38% is based on how you deliver your message – this includes tone of voice, volume, pitch and pace.  7% is the spoken word. This explains why executives travel long distances for face to face meetings and why telephone communication is more powerful that e-mail. Yet most of the communication done by executives is by e-mail.

Everything Matters

Have you ever wondered why executives pay so much money for custom tailored suits, expensive watches and exotic leather briefcases? How you present yourself makes a powerful statement about who you are, how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself. We form judgments about all things visual. This includes the quality, fit, conditions, style and appropriateness of your clothes; your jewelry, watch, briefcase, portfolio, handbags, wallets, glasses, your hair, nails, hygiene, cosmetics and scent.  When it comes to appearance everything matters!