What is People-Centric Leadership?

People-centric Leadership doesn’t mean being soft or forgetting about profits.

It means thinking about the impact of your leadership on the people who work for you and behaving in a way that brings out the best in people and encourages them to do their best for you and your company.  

In my book, Inspire Accountability, I outline 7Cs that you need to think about when it comes to inspiring accountability in your team.  These 7Cs also provide a good framework for looking at your leadership effectiveness and whether or not you’re a People-Centric Leader.

Here are some questions you might ask yourself:

C1 - Culture

  1. Have you created an environment that it makes it safe for employees to question or challenge your orders/requests? 

  2. Can employees respectfully disagree with you and get you to reconsider your position?

  3. Have you solicited feedback from your employees regarding how they feel about having you as their boss and what they might like to see you do differently?

  4. Do you routinely use employee engagement surveys to solicit feedback from employees on how they feel about working for your company?


C2 - Clarity

  1. Do you ensure clarity by holding yourself responsible for the hearing of the listener? 

  2. Do you give your employees your full attention when they are in meetings with you or talking with you on the phone, or do you half listen while multitasking?

C3 - Capacity

  1. Do you check-in with employees regarding their existing workload when assigning new tasks?

  2. Do you help them prioritize their work?

  3. Do you set realistic time expectations or do you make everything seem urgent and important?

C4 - Competence

  1. Do you provide regular feedback and coaching on how they can improve their skills, perform better or move to the next level of the organization?

  2. Do you provide employees with opportunities for learning and growth?

  3. Do you encourage employees to take initiative and solve their own problems or do you jump in to solve problems for them?

C5 - Confidence

  1. Do you make it safe for people to fail as long as they learn from mistakes and don’t repeat them?

  2. Do you regularly catch people doing things right and provide positive feedback? 

  3. Do you help them understand and play to their strengths?


C6 - Commitment

  1. Do you demonstrate your caring by being sensitive to their workload and their work/life balance?

  2.  Do you quickly address employee grievances and complaints?   

  3. Are you aware of how your employees feel about themselves when they go home at night and do you make an effort to have them feel great about themselves and their accomplishments at work?

  4. Do you quickly remove under-performing employees so they don’t drag down the performance of others or negatively impact the performance of the company?

  5. Do you make work fun? Is there a person or team responsible for employee happiness?

  6.  If you left the company, would your employees follow you wherever you go if there was an opportunity for them to do so because of how they feel about you and their commitment to you as a leader?

  7.  Do you communicate the purpose of your organization and their role in executing that purpose so that their work has meaning for them?

 C7 - Compensation

  1.  Do you pay your employees at or above the going wage for their job so that they feel respected and treated fairly?

  2. Do you take people for granted and ask them to do things they were never hired to do without providing additional compensation?

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