Discover the phenomenal results of Ken’s executive coaching and management consulting to hundreds of clients. Like you his clients hold senior leadership positions in a wide range of industries and companies.

Below are a few examples of the kinds of services he provides and the benefits clients and their companies have gained as a result.

Case I - Global Financial Services Company

Executive Coaching & Mentoring for C-level Executive

PROBLEM: The client felt a great deal of stress as a result of the pressure of his responsibilities.

NEED: Find a better way to delegate more to his senior management team. Work with an executive coach to help fine-tune his executive skills and prepare for the challenge of potential career advancements.

RESULT: Dramatic improvement in client's leadership style and management effectiveness. Ken was very helpful in identifying how to become a more effective communicator with direct reports and peers. Ken provided the client with a sounding board for his ideas. As a result of the coaching engagement the client gained much more effective relationships with his direct reports and peers and ultimately created a more high-functioning team.

Case II - Fortune 500 Global Computer Equipment Manufacturer

Leadership effectiveness coaching for company Director

RESULT: An executive client was promoted to ‘Area VP’ after a previous coaching engagement. Later, client was given even greater responsibility in the company. The client learned the importance of the team and how to create a team capable of performing at new heights.

PROCESS: Over the course of the 12-month engagement Ken highlighted key behaviors and ideas to promote his client's continuous development through conversations, readings and group discussions. Coaching sessions were tailored and customized to the leadership areas the client was focused on developing.

Case III - Large Retail Company

Executive coaching to support successful on-boarding of CEO in his transition from President and COO to CEO

PROBLEM: Prior to becoming a COO, the client was a CFO and had moved through the financial side of the business as an introvert who liked to sit in his office, analyze reports and communicate through email.

PROCESS: With Ken's insight and guidance he came to understand the change he needed to make in his behavior in order to be effective in his new role as CEO. Ken helped him develop a strategy for succeeding in his new position and to set clear goals for himself for early wins in his new role.

Case IV - Large Insurance Company

Leadership style and management consulting for CEO

PROBLEM: Before working with Ken the CEO had operated in a command and control style of management which resulted in low staff morale and stalled growth for the company.

PROCESS: Ken guided the client through the process of quickly identifying obstacles to success and setting achievable goals.

RESULT: Client changed his leadership style and the way his entire company ran. Ken helped the company develop self-directed leadership teams with the result that morale soared. The company began to grow again, and the CEO found greater personal satisfaction in his role and experienced dramatic improvements in his health and personal life as a result of the coaching interactions.

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