By Dr. Ken Estridge:

Inspire Accountability, The Breakthrough Workplace Transformation for 21st Century Leaders in the Age of Millennials

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“If you manage people and want them to feel engaged and accomplish more, read this book. Employees must know the answers to two fundamental yet rarely answered questions that drive accountability: “What exactly am I expected to accomplish or produce?” and “How will I be measured against that?”  Both are routinely absent, overcomplicated, and/or under communicated. Managers wonder why performance is subpar, and employees wonder why their bosses don’t give them more clarity. Inspire Accountability! by Ken Estridge prescribes the solution: a straightforward, practical process to improve communication, accountability and engagement.”

Mark E. Green, author of Activators – A CEO’s Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting Things Done, advisor and coach to CEOs, speaker.


“I hear this from executives about millennials all the time -- "why won't they just do their job!" If you really want to know why, and what you can do to unleash the power of a segment of the workforce that will dominate the next decade, read this book.  Ken did a great job explaining the problem and how a new way of thinking is necessary to solve it. I particularly like the practical tips instructing executives on which kinds of questions to be asking employees, and using the parent/child dialogue to explain a different mindset for diagnosing issues. This was an exciting read for me because I employ 170 people in my two companies, most of whom are millennials. Reading Ken’s book gave me some new insight on how to inspire accountability in my teams here and abroad.  I worked with Ken as my coach for many years. Ken helped me to become a more effective CEO and the results have been outstanding. I recommend Ken to any CEO and executive that is serious about finding a thought partner that can help them take their company to the next level.”

Scott Smigler, Founder and CEO of EXCLUSIVE Concepts, Inc., a digital marketing firm for e-commerce that’s made the INC 5,000 8 of the past 10 years and Co-Founder and Managing Director of Grow by Data.

“Ken Estridge is a rare combination of seasoned executive coach and entrepreneur. He has personal experience building and running startups, as well as decades of coaching executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs. He is a true expert on executive development and high performance collaboration. He advised me in my business ventures for over 7 years.  Whether you are a C-Level exec at a Fortune 100 company, a VC with your own fund, or the leader of a tech venture, Estridge's insights into how to get the best from your teams in his book, Inspire Accountability, will give you valuable insights for your business.”

Nova Spivack, Founder & CEO of Magical, a science and technology venture studio based in Los Angeles. He has helped to build dozens of ventures, and authored nearly 100 patents, collectively generating billions of dollars in market value, including multiple IPOs, and acquisitions by Apple, Facebook, Samsung & Disney.

“Inspiring Accountability is a compelling, refreshing and practical approach to getting the results you want through people.  If you manage others then this book is a must read. And if you manage people who manage others buy copies for everyone.  This book literally can help you and your organization achieve results you never imagined.”

Elizabeth B. Crook, CEO of Orchard Advisors - Growing Smart Companies; Author of Live Large: The Achiever's Guide to What's Next.



"I want to thank you for helping me clarify priorities and set clear goals. Most of all, I appreciate your ability to ask insightful, thought-provoking questions that help me find my own answers. Our work together has made a HUGE difference as I find greater balance, effectiveness, and satisfaction in my personal and professional life. Finally, I am starting to sense a real confidence that once I know what's really important, I can set my goals and go for it! Thank you, again, for sharing your experience and many talents with me." - Nick Karris,