Internal Assessment

Ken will help you ask questions and address the following:

  • Are we more or less profitable than the competition?How strong is our balance sheet? How good is our credit?

  • Are we offering a unique product or service or are we a commodity in the mind or our customers?

  • What, if any, barriers to entry can we construct?

  • How do we organize our business to make it difficult for people to compete with us?Profile your company customers and examine what’s going on environmentally.

  • What does our company do well and what does it not do so well

  • What are our company's strengths that we want to emphasize as we grow?

  • To take those strengths to the max, what would have to change and what would that look like?

  • How do the various parts of our business reinforce each other?Who do we need to hire to be the company we want to become?What are the most important things we need to do better in order for us to achieve our goals?

  • How profitable are we?

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