Nova Spivack, Founder and CEO of Magical.


Unquestionable Integrity and Great Motivator

"Ken has advised me in my business ventures for about 7 years. He is a very good executive coach and business advisor. He has a tremendous amount of hands-on experience running his own businesses and advising numerous other CEO's and a strong academic background in management and finance as well. His connections in industry are very broad and strong. In addition, he has a warm personality and a great way with people. His integrity is unquestionable. He really wants to make you the best you can be. As a coach and an advisor, Ken has been a terrific asset to me and my business endeavors."

Todd Anderson, Strategic Decisions Group


Value of Business Experience

"After deciding that executive coaching would be useful, I wanted someone who knew what it was like to be an executive. Ken is extremely qualified having a PhD in business, working for a top mutual fund, running a medium sized business, and working as a management consultant. Because of this background, Ken's sessions have been very useful and enlightening."

Ken Shuler, VP GMM, TJX Companies.


Our Work Together Has Been A Game Changer

"Ken has been my Executive Coach for the past five months and every moment of it has been time well spent.  In terms of insight into my management style, attitudes and approach, our work together has been a game changer.  Ken has helped me look more deeply into myself and I have become a better executive and person for it. He is quickly able to understand your business, determine company culture and best practices.  Ken then develops trenchant strategies with you that enable you to function at peak performance within that environment. Ken is challenging and direct and will not settle for less than your best. Working with Ken is a learning experience and rewarding both professionally and personally."  

Bruce Anderson, Owner, IGNITE! & Inc.247Solar


Incisive Thinking and Sensitive Human Touch

”Ken is a remarkable person who achieves the uncommon combination of incisive thinking and advice with a deft and sensitive human touch. His business support is based on both considerable training and experience in a wide range of business settings over many years while his understanding of people and how they're wired serves his ability to makes his assistance grounded in the realities of the human condition. I strongly recommend Ken to people looking for sound business advice.”

Lode Debrabandere, VP and GM of Inflammatory Diseases, Osiris Therapeutics


Understanding Team Dynamics

"Ken was my executive coach in 2005 and 2006 when I was employed at Bristol-Myers Squibb as Vice President of Global Marketing. Ken is an expert in leadership coaching. He understands the challenges of executives and complexities of team dynamics in the corporate world. Ken taught me simple techniques to apply every day. They made a difference and 3 years later, I'm still benefiting from his suggestions."

Dave Teitelman, CEO, Softworld Inc.


Bottomline Results In Revenue Growth

Ken was an advisor to Softworld for over five years including executive coaching, sales & marketing, financial management, and organizational efficiency. During the five years Ken has worked with us our revenues have increased from $6.5M per year to over $45M per year. I consider Ken to have played an important role in our success and would highly recommend his services."

Alexander Beletsky, Co-Founder and CEO, Sentri


Strategic Insights and Accountability

"I have worked with Ken for many years and consider him an integral contributor to the success for our business. Ken provides insightful advice, helps us evaluate all our alternatives, and holds us accountable to the mission, goal, and strategy we set for ourselves."

Nancy Atwood, SVP, Lore International Institute


Onboarding Executives

"Ken is an excellent leadership coach, especially for senior executives. He brings deep business acumen and financial expertise coupled with an understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader. He also brings strong insight to executives in transition helping them move up the learning curve to success quickly."

Tana Pesso, CEO, Bravo Life Coach


Strategic Planning for New Ventures

"Ken has provided advice and guidance for my company, Bravo Life Coach, Inc. in variety of important ways including: evaluating business strategy, review and development of the business plan and financial projections, and assessment of potential business partners and candidates for key leadership positions. His keen intellect, grasp of business and financial realities combined with an understanding of human nature and interpersonal dynamics is unique and invaluable for companies at any stage of development, but particularly for fledgling new ventures."

Mike Abbaei, Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Operations Officer, Legg Mason


Effective Communications and High Functioning

"Ken Estridge was my executive coach from September 2003 to July 2004. Ken was very helpful to me in identifying how to be more effective in my communications with my direct reports and peers. He was able to understand my role and the issues I faced. He provided me with a good sounding board and thought partner for my ideas. Ken is very bright and a quick study. He has a good command of technology and finance. I always felt that Ken was on my side, even when he had to deliver difficult feedback to me. He was clear, helpful and supportive of me in making important changes. The result of our work together was much more effective relationships with my direct reports and peers and ultimately a more high-functioning team. At the end of our work together, I received feedback that people had observed dramatic positive changes in my behavior and effectiveness. I consider our work together to have been very successful and I would recommend Ken as a coach for a C-level officer in a public company."

Chris Collias, Founder & CEO, Progressive Gourmet, Innovative Foods (#63 on Inc. 500 list in 2008)


Challenging Status Quo to Promote Business Growth

"I have worked with Ken for close to ten years. Ken has been great in helping me to see the forest for the trees. He has an excellent way of challenging the status quo in order to promote business and personal growth. Ken is especially strong around financial and management issues. I would recommend Ken to any company leader who seeks personal and professional growth."